Wednesday, 9 September 2009

John Bock

Oh John, how I love you so. One of the benefits of so much free time is I can go through my books and fantasise - ahem... READ - all about my favourite artist. Again. And Again. Yes, despite being an utter failure in terms of making any work for the past god knows how long, I am still very much in love with art, and Bock's work ticks all my arty bock-ses (see what I did there?) and gets my juices flowing (gushing, if I'm honest) every time.

He's one of the most important contemporary artists but yet is not that well-known in the UK. I have no idea why, and it seems to be getting better, but it's a real shame. He is an amazingly prolific and talented artist who truly delves into the absurd. He deals in nonsense, and uses it to create wonderfully accessible - and often interactive - art. He creates whole universes and epic quests for meaning, somehow neatly summing up the human condition.

Artist recommendation number 1. He's like a starting point and a finishing point, and as such I think all of my dedicated readers should get on it*.

*All 4 of you. Nah, there are more. Just lurking. yes, lurking.

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