Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Naminals and Faminals

I had a bit of a confusing weekend. My parents travelled from Sheffield to London to visit me and do some fussing/cheering up. It was really really lovely to see them, and they brought a wheelchair and surprised me and Tom with a visit to Whipsnade Zoo. It was brilliant being outdoors and not having to worry about the pain and misery of crutches. Also... 7 WEEK OLD BABY ELEPHANT. 7. Week. Old. BABY. Elephant. Ridiculously adorable, by all accounts.

We were making our way from the penguins to the rhinos when we came across the elephants out of their enclosure on their daily walk. I still can't believe I was 5 feet away from elephants with no fence between us. Needless to say, I almost died when I saw the aforementioned tiny elephant attempting to copy her Mum's trunk action.

Later in the day we saw them walking (linking tails/trunks) back to their enclosure and little nelephant was running alongside trying her best to keep up. This was too cute, so I got Tom to run besides them while pushing me so I could watch for longer. I still keep thinking about her little trunk bouncing as she was running along and - I'm not gonna lie - experiencing massive maternal twangs.

Lovely day at the zoo. Obviously there were other animals too but I'm a bit of a fan of the old naminals and would be here all day if I wrote about all the ones that I liked. What I will say that I was surprised at how big a pygmy hippo's flacid penis is. As I say: lovely day at the zoo. The loveliness spilled over into Sunday with a family day including my Aunt and Cousins. First day of Eid meant a fuckload of home-baked cakes and biscuits which I welcomed whole-heartedly into my stomach. Good food just contributed to the whole fussing vibe of the weekend which I really needed.

Monday was the last day of the parental visit and brought a trip to the supermarket where I did my weekly shop. How exciting! Yes, fuckers: EXCITING. Due to me being a broken woman I haven't been able to do any shopping for weeks and I miss it. This, teamed with the fact that I was riding a mobility scooter around the place, made for perhaps THE most enjoyable shopping trip of the century. Forget Paris, Milan and New York - just give me Colney Hatch Tescos. Ma and Pa bought us some meat and then whisked me off to WH Smiths so I could spend the £20 that my Grandma sent me on drawing pens. They also bought me a necklace that I was eyeing up in TK Maxx which was sweet of them.

So where's the confusion element of all this? Well, I had to make the decision - again - whether to go back to Sheffield and stay with them or stay here in London with my Tom. It is tricky because even though Tom is looking after me really well he is out of the house for 12 hours a day whereas my parents don't work so I would have the help and company all the time pretty much. It makes a lot of sense, as at the moment I am being naughty and using my foot when I shouldn't be because everything is such a pain on crutches. Getting upstairs to the kitchen and making food is a nightmare, for example. It was so nice getting out and about aswell, without the limitations of crutches. I hate being effectively trapped indoors feeling lonely most of the time and I also feel bad that tom is working full time, commuting to Croydon every day from North London, and then having to be the house-wife too. Being in Sheffield would make a lot of things a lot easier.

I couldn't leave him behind though. I think I might be turning into a massive sap. Granted, I've spent last night and today crying about being left behind but I know I'd feel a million times worse if I was seperated from my other half.

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